Home Buying: 4 Tips to Repair Your Credit Rating

May 27, 2016

To buy a home, you need a decent credit rating. Unless of course, you have a huge down payment or all out cash, your credit rating matters. If your credit rating is less than stellar and in need of repair, this is a post you need to read. Your best tool for repairing your credit […]

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Applying for a Mortgage: 8 Points of Consideration

May 20, 2016

#1 – Mortgage Criteria: Credit. When lenders evaluate your loan application, they use a process called underwriting. They judge your ability and willingness to repay by looking at your credit history. Generally speaking, someone who has a track record of making payments on time will probably do so in the future. This is conversely true […]

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Professional Real Estate Appraisals – Do I Need One Before I List?

May 14, 2016

Do I need a Profession Real Estate Appraisal to put a market value on my house before putting it up for sale? Yes, indeed. That’s a great question. Bear with me while I walk you through this… What is a Real Estate Appraisal or Property Valuation? Real estate appraisals or property valuations are the process […]

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Types of Real Estate Listing Contracts

May 5, 2016

Are there different types of real estate listing contracts? It’s a more common question than you may think! After all, selling a house isn’t something you do often enough to understand the entire process from listing to selling and beyond. So let’s start at the beginning. Let’s say you’ve decided to list your house for […]

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Selling Your Home – The Big Picture

April 26, 2016

Some homeowners get confused because they don’t have a big picture of what exactly will happen during the home selling process. While it may differ from various areas, some general steps sellers should expect are the same. The first thing to do is some preliminary planning. Though you may not feel like it, this is […]

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Mortgages, Terms and Closing Costs – There’s a Lot to Consider

April 20, 2016

A home loan will be your financial responsibility for years to come, so it is one of the most important decisions you make. Even tiny changes in an interest rate – changes as small as half a percent – can cost or save you thousands of dollars over the term of your loan. To enjoy […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Home When Selling

April 14, 2016

Whatever the reason for selling, you’ll want to get the most out of the transaction.  Some simple tips can help you market and sell your home in the least amount of time, for the maximum value. First, do your homework.  Find out the local market conditions for your neighborhood.  Depending on your area, there may […]

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Home Selling Q&A: Ten Quick Tips for Great First Impressions

March 30, 2016

Q: What should I do to maximize my chances of a quick home sale? This is a common question I get from people who are getting ready to sell their houses. Keep in mind, people often don’t notice things that are right, but they almost always notice things that aren’t right! So, I thought it […]

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Renting vs Buying a Home

March 23, 2016

Are you still renting a home or apartment for yourself or your family? If so, you’re losing money. Think about these three ways you lose money by renting: You’re paying for someone else’s mortgage payment. You’re missing out on the appreciation that the property gives to the landlord. Appreciation is a term used in accounting […]

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Home Buying: 5 More Tips

March 17, 2016

Buying a house is a very serious matter. It is risky to invest your money in buying just any house you find. You need to know the guidelines that can help you decide which house is the best for you. Here are five more home buying tips: Determine your rights When you are ready to […]

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